A Trying Week


My creativity took a real nosedive at the start of Lockdown 2021. Now I really need to get back into all things messy and practical. I’ve worked on several new designs, but need to translate them into handmade prints. 


I’m always surprised that it’s possible to actually achieve something with absolutely no specialist equipment  other than a recycled wooden board with 2 hinges . . plus a husband with a hosepipe . . 


Printmaking is horrendously messy and mega organisation is key to achieve any degree of success when you work at home. I have a tiny space for silkscreen printing and no specialist equipment. I use a board with 2 hinges and a husband with a hosepipe!

Drying the hand pulled silkscreen prints over my cooker in the kitchen


Detailed designs need to be exposed onto the screen via a photographic process which is tricky without expensive, bulky equipment. My method is very low tech and often a struggle to get the designs onto the screen. 

I coat my screens in the bathroom in semi darkness, as I don’t have a sink in my tiny workroom.

To expose the designs on to my screens, I set up a temporary contraption . . of which Heath Robinson would be proud. I suspend 2 x dangly lights from a broom handle between 2 chairs.

It’s quite an achievement when I get everything together to actually print. 

Unfortunately, this week, the sun was too strong (Yes, honestly in February in NW Scotland!) and was drying the ink on the screen. 

Today was rather dull so I took advantage of the conditions. 

Poor husband with hosepipe had to wash my screens outside in snow flurries.


One that I mounted for a quick snapshot


Storms and Sunshine

It's been a wild week up here. Birds flying backwards . . 16 hour power cut . . hailstones . . 


Chilly in the wind. Good weather to get on with screenprints indoors

New designs inspired by my local views and the recent Big Moon . .