'Loch Heron' -  silkscreen print in varied blues. - product image

'Loch Heron' - silkscreen print in varied blues.

A handmade unique, vari-colour silkscreen print in shades of blue, kingfisher and teal. Featuring the heron, a year-round resident of NW Scotland. I'm always amazed that a bird which can be seen in many urban towns and parks, on the lookout for a fish pond, can also be seen in the most remote and wild parts of the UK. One of a Limited Edition of only 12.

To create the variegated effect, I mix several colours and add blobs of the mixed inks to the side of the screen. There is only one chance to get it right!

I need to carefully draw the squeegee down the paper, from side to side. It's a very unpredictable process and makes every print in the edition, unique.

The ink can't be re-used for this process as it has blended together and I need to start from scratch for each print.

The artwork is available mounted, ready to frame, size 25cm x 30cm . . or . . framed, ready to hang in a 20mm wide, black timber frame, size 30cm x 35cm.

Printed on a warm white, Fabriano specialist art paper and mounted in the highest quality, pale ivory, acid-free mount and backing board.

A perfect gift for a country, coastal and wildlife lover.


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